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BusinessVisaHQ Abkürzung: 2 Schritte
fordern Visa

Koordinator oder Angestellte sehen die Bestimmungen an und reichen Anträge innerhalb von Minuten ein

Koordinator und Angestellte erhalten Status-Updates in Echtzeit – BusinessVisaHQ erledigt alles

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  • Akzeptierter Branchenstandard: 7 Schritte
  • Koordinator recherchiert Visabestimmungen
  • Koordinator verschickt Antragsformulare
  • Angestellte füllen Antragsformulare aus, besorgen
  • Koordinator erhält die Unterlagen, beantragt beim Konsulat
  • Angestellte erkundigen sich nach Fortschritt der Visumanträge
  • Koordinator handhabt zahlreiche Statusanfragen wegen Visa
  • Endlich werden Visa ausgestellt, an Empfänger versendet

Get Access to the Following Features

Easy-to-use online account management system

Travel managers view and manage numerous business visa applications for the employees.

Employees individual online accounts

Handle the entire business visa application processing under the travel manager's supervision.

Secure data storage

All traveler's information is securely saved for future use in further applications for all the destinations required.

Really fast application

Universal 100% paperless form reduces average application time to 2 min compared to industry standard 30 min.

Cut business costs

Reduce overhead with centralized cost management system by eliminating the need to reimburse individual applicants.

Foreign employees visas

Foreign nationals residing in the United States of America can also apply for visas.

Keep track of the process

Real-time status updates for both the travel coordinator and the employees.

Photo standards

Upload and save photographs for each employee, and we will size and print them on as needed bases.
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