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Expert in China visa services since 2015, VisaHQ is a private visa agency, not affiliated with the government of China. VisaHQ provides expediting services for visa to China and charges a service fee. See how we compare in the 90 seconds


German citizens that acquired the citizenship by naturalisation must attend an interview at the Embassy or Consulate. Please mind this fact before applying for a visa with VisaHQ in Berlin.

Please complete the online form for your Tourist visa to China

and send the following documents to VisaHQ:

Application Form. The application form will be filled out by VisaHQ and sent to the applicant per E-Mail to be signed.
Original passport , valid for at least 180 days and with two free pages. Printed or already stamped pages do not count.
Passport-type photograph: One (1) JPG Format photo must be 33mm wide and 48mm tall. Please see photo guidelines here.
Copy of the passport. Copy of the crucial data page of the passport.
Flight and hotel reservation. Documentation of the travel schedule for applicants who organize their own trips.
Invitation letter. Invitation letter issued by the inviting institution or private person with all relevant travel information of the applicant and the contact information of the respective host (in the case of private persons with a copy of the identity card).
Copy of birth certificate. (In case of naturalization.)
Data Protection form. Completed and signed Data Protection form.

China Tourist visa fees for citizens of Germany

Single entry
  • Validity: up to 3 months
  • Processing: 4-10 business days
  • Total cost:
Double entry
  • Validity: up to 6 months
  • Processing: 4-10 business days
  • Total cost:
Multiple entry
  • Validity: up to 6 months
  • Processing: 4-10 business days
  • Total cost:
  • Validity: up to 1 year
  • Processing: 4-10 business days
  • Total cost:
Maximum stay in China: 90 days China visa help
Maximum stay in China: 90 days China visa help
China visa for citizens of Germany is required. For more information please contact the nearest China embassy.

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China visa information
China Visa
China Visa category as defined by China Embassy.
China Visa issue date (format might be different from MM-DD-YYYY).
Name of China visa holder
Traveler's passport number.
Birth date of passport holder (format might be different from MM-DD-YYYY).
China Visa remarks.
Number of allowed entries to China (subject to visa validity dates).
Maximum duration of stay in China per each entry.
China Consulate that issued a visa.